Hey everybody! As you may have gathered from recent posts, I’m more or less diving headfirst into this new singer-songwriter thing. I’ve played a few shows and have received encouraging feedback from lots of listeners. Today is a big next step: I’m launching my new website, and releasing two new videos! 

Check it out, and let me know what you think! And while you’re at it, take a moment to do any or all of the following: like my Facebook page, follow my new Instagram account, subscribe to my YouTube channel, and sign up for my newsletter (you’ll see where to do that on the home page).

This social media stuff is secondary, of course. It’s all about the music and the moment, the real-world interaction with fellow souls. But the reality is that a unified, consistent, and professional-looking web presence helps me bring my music to more of those souls! Lots of likes and follows can translate into more opportunities to perform. So this small way of supporting me actually means a lot.

Speaking of opportunities to perform: yesterday I left Seattle on a month-long road trip and house concert tour. I’ve got gigs all the way down to LA, where I’ll be from the 16th-18th, and then I’m turning around to come back north. I’m looking for more gigs for the way back, from LA on up. Any and all leads are appreciated. House concerts are always my first choice: they’re pretty easy to throw together, the vibe is warm and welcoming, and people really listen.

Finally, I want to thank Mara Dillinger for her excellent work with photography, website design, and brand coaching. If you’re an artist trying to take your professional game to the next level, I highly recommend her services! I also want to thank and recommend Kendall Rock for her videography, and Brent Driscoll for running the audio on this video project. Let’s give these talented folks more business!