What I'm Offering

  • Musical Performance
  • Musical Instruction
  • Writing and Editorial Services
  • Labor
  • Advice
  • Friendship
  • Listening
  • Stories

What I'm Seeking

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Pianos to Play
  • Friendship
  • Advice
  • Skills
  • Stories
  • Money*


*Though I am hoping to de-emphasize money as much as possible on my trip, the reality is that it is necessary within our current paradigm. I've been able to keep costs very low by limiting my spending almost exclusively to food, and I've been able to make a little money here and there doing odd jobs. That said, if you are visiting my site and feel moved to support my journey, donations of money are a meaningful way to do so. You can send donations via Venmo to @Jonas-Myers or via PayPal to