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Sunday Afternoon House Concert

  • Maple Leaf Music Space 1060 Northeast 100th Street Seattle, WA, 98125 United States (map)

LaVon Hardison, Ev Stern, and Jonas Myers are "Vegan Tunafish." Or maybe they're just three good friends. Whatever they are, they've performed so much together that it isn't fun anymore. Their music is lifeless, soulless, reckless, feckless, and consistently out of tune. Not one person has been observed attempting to dance to their errant rhythms. Several respected businesspersons have actually paid them to stop playing. While they would like to promise you a fun afternoon, there's really no reason to expect this performance to be any different than past ones. 

Let's gather anyway—to bathe in the living room acoustics of The Maple Leaf Music Space, to make small talk, to bite tentatively into mysterious potluck contributions, to proclaim our humanity, to while away an afternoon, to leave early and get to bed at a reasonable hour. 

You are encouraged, though by whom it is unclear, to bring a donation for the artists, who wish to dance gladly through life where others trudge. Please also consider bringing some food, a beverage, your favorite mug, and several children. Oh, and wear a hat.