Jonas Myers is a pianist, singer-songwriter, and bicycle traveler, based in Seattle, WA, and Sitka, AK. Follow his travels and projects here and on Instagram: @jojonomad

Some Thoughts

Pausing today to nurse a wrist injury has gotten me reflecting on how precious music is. What a beautiful gift we've all received. Its potential is infinite.

I've been watching some videos today of incredible teachers sharing their wisdom. Here, Victor Wooten is says something beautiful and essential that I have been thinking about this past year: 

And here, Kenny Werner reminds us of the place inside each of us from which our music emerges:

I am so grateful to the teachers of this world. Without them, I'd be nowhere. 

Also feeling deep gratitude to the audiences out there. Last night's show at Vermillion was beautiful. People People kicked things off with a hauntingly beautiful acoustic set. Katie Kuffel followed up with her inventive songs and amazing voice. My band Queenside Castle finished out the night with a big blast of energy. And over 50 people came to listen and participate. I am so fortunate. Thank you all! 

Four Shows to Choose From! Four!

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