Jonas Myers is a pianist, singer-songwriter, and bicycle traveler, based in Seattle, WA, and Sitka, AK. Follow his travels and projects here and on Instagram: @jojonomad

New Album!!!



a new album by

Demonym Jacket

Demonym Jacket is the collaborative project of Alex Folkerth (songwriting), Ilona Davis (vocals), and Jonas Myers (piano). Recorded live in Alex’s living room over three sessions, the album is simple and spare, allowing the songs’ beauty, originality, and wit to shine through.

This process was a joy from start to finish. It is always a thrill to get up close to the talent and creativity of artists like Alex and Ilona, and all the more to get to lend my own artistry to their efforts. I’m proud of what we made. I hope you’ll give it a listen, and let me know what you think!


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