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April Newsletter

It's a little late, but here's my April newsletter:

Subject: April Is The Coolest Month

Dear Friends,

Jazz does seem to love this time of year. There's "April in Paris," "I'll Remember April," and "You Must Believe in Spring," to name a few tunes. Of course, if you're T.S. Eliot (for those of you who caught the reference in the subject line), you might be more into "Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most." But I digress... 

I'm thrilled that April is here, and not just because of the weather and the birdsong and the blossoms, but also because it's shaping up to be a great musical month. Here are three reasons why:

Upcoming Shows

1) Friday, April 8th - The Paul Miranda Trio feat. Jennifer Kienzle @ 13 Coins

9:30 to 1:30 - 900 Bellevue Way NE Suite 100 (in The Hyatt Regency)

I'm excited to announce this new collaboration. Jennifer Kienzle is an award-winning vocalist who sings with some of the biggest names in town. Paul Miranda (drums) and Kevin McCarthy (bass) are two of those big names. I'm a nobody pianist who happens to be joining them next week—wish me luck! 

2) Monday, April 25th - The Walking Hat Trio @ Vito's

9:00 to 12:00 - 927 9th Avenue
When I sent out my last newsletter, I included a video from a recording session (just for fun, there's another one at the end of this post). That group, which we've since named The Walking Hat Trio, has its debut this month at Vito's, a true Seattle institution. I'm especially excited—and a bit nervous—for this show, because as the pianist in the trio, I'm the lead musical voice. What's more, we'll be performing some original compositions and arrangements of mine. Cutts Peaslee is the drummer and gets credit for (a) having the idea for this trio to begin with, (b) getting us this gig, and (c) being an amazing musician. This time we'll be joined by Mark Hunter on bass. 

3) Every Wednesday - After Lens @ Pono Ranch

8:00 to 11:00 - 4502 Shilshole Ave NW

The last couple times have been the best yet. The crowd is thick, and they're into it. The jammers are numerous, playing all kinds of instruments, and sounding great. The energy is electric! Next time, with any climatological luck, we'll be playing outside. And outdoor seating at the Ranch is ideal. Stop by! Maybe even sit in with us! Trust me, it's always fun. By the way, be advised: for some reason their kitchen closes at 9. Now you can't say I didn't tell you. 

So you see why I'm excited. It's hard for me to believe that things are going so well, to be honest. In a few short months, I've met countless amazing musicians (who also happen to be amazing people), and new opportunities keep arising. True, it's been mostly in the jazz realm so far, and there is plenty of other music that I love, that I'm excited to be playing. Indeed, there has been some progress on that front... but I'll save that update for next time.

It's always so nice to get replies to this letter. It's also wonderful when you forward my messages along to others whom you think will want to receive it. You all are the best! I am so grateful for your support. 

I hope you're well, and that music continues to be an uplifting force in your life every day. It certainly does in mine. On that note, maybe I'll see you at one of my upcoming shows! In the meantime, enjoy spring! Yours,


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