Jonas Myers is a pianist, singer-songwriter, and bicycle traveler, based in Seattle, WA, and Sitka, AK. Follow his travels and projects here and on Instagram: @jojonomad

Missing Home

Hello friends! I write to you from the road. Well, not literally the road. I'm in a hotel in Brooklyn. I'm here with my father, visiting my sister, the poet and feminist Lily Myers. (She is a big inspiration of mine. Click here to see some of her work.) We came up from Philly on Sunday. Today I jet to LA, and Thursday I'll take the train to Santa Barbara. It feels good to travel around and visit people I love. 

On the other hand, I miss home. I miss my partner, my instruments, the feeling of momentum that good practice sessions and rehearsals can provide. I miss Seattle. I'm grateful that I miss my home. It reaffirms the deep love for and from people and place that I experience on a daily basis. I'm grateful for the state of reflection, the quiet welcome melancholy, that missing something or someone can bring. 

I'm also grateful for a couple recent, exciting developments. One: Maya Abramson and I just ordered CDs of our recent album, "Still Human." Very excited to hold a physical copy of that project—something I'm truly proud of. Keep an eye out for more info about acquiring a copy. Two: I got to sit in on a couple tunes the other night at The Prime Rib in Philadelphia. I spent the whole meal mesmerized by the incredible playing of Tom Lawton, piano, and David Brodie on bass. When my dad mentioned to them that I'm a jazz pianist, they invited me up. It was such a privilege. There is a short video of my solo on "My Romance," and I'll try to put it up here soon. 

Peace and music to all. If you'd like, let me know what you're grateful for. 

As Promised

Guess What?