Jonas Myers is a pianist, singer-songwriter, and bicycle traveler, based in Seattle, WA, and Sitka, AK. Follow his travels and projects here and on Instagram: @jojonomad

Have Keyboard, Will Travel

The big news is that I bought a Roland RD800! While this means I have a lot less money than I did before Wednesday, it also means I can now bring my instrument with me—in other words, all kinds of venues are now workable! And DAMN does this thing sound good. It even has an upright piano sound, and makes realistic pedal noises. I'm so excited to bring this thing out on the town with me, and make some music for people!  

David Fleming and I are putting together a set, and looking around for performance opportunities. We're also looking for a bassist and a drummer. Stay tuned; remember to check the calendar.

Meanwhile, I saw the Brad Mehldau trio last night, which was so inspiring, and I'm seeing Chris Potter tomorrow. I'm so incredibly blessed.

Speaking of good fortune, I'm grateful that my aunt and uncle and cousins are safe in Paris. My heart is heavy with the tragedies in Paris, Beirut, Garissa, and elsewhere in the world where hate has infected hearts and driven men to murder. I continue to dream that music, among other forces for good, can help move humanity into an era of greater understanding, compassion, and respect for the sanctity of all life. 

Guess What?

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