Jonas Myers is a pianist, singer-songwriter, and bicycle traveler, based in Seattle, WA, and Sitka, AK. Follow his travels and projects here and on Instagram: @jojonomad

A Fine Musical Weekend...

Well, it's 3:30 am on a Monday morning... I think there's gotta be a poem or a song out there somewhere about precisely this time. Anyway, I'm up late riding the tail end of a coffee buzz, having recorded a couple jazz standard demos earlier this evening. In the afternoon, my dad and I watched the livestream of the performance of my short piece for string quartet, "Shifting Ground." The musicians who played it did so quite beautifully: they had clearly rehearsed, and they met the piece's technical demands, but more importantly they were sensitive to its emotional arc. It is such a gratifying experience to witness a high quality performance of one's work. I'm all inspired now to keep working on the thing, to write a couple more movements and make it into something really substantial. Stay tuned for that (ha!). 

Yesterday, I spent all day arranging and recording "God Only Knows" by the Beach Boys. It was a great way to start the process of learning to record myself. I was chatting with my friend Aaron about this last night, and I asked him for advice. He said the best advice he could give would be for me to develop my own unique relationship with sound—because learning to record and mix and make shit sound good is really learning another instrument. I can see that he's right. So yesterday was my first big autodidactic lesson! 

I'm thinking I ought to start posting videos and pieces of writing on my blog that inspire me. A nice way to spread the love for fellow artists and make sure high-quality shit gets shared. So here's my absolute favorite TED Talk, delivered by the inimitable Reggie Watts. I've watched this thing at least five times. It's simply brilliant. Enjoy!

A Couple New Demos

My First Foray Into Self-Recording