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Yet Another Fine Musical Weekend...

This is a bit late considering it's already Thursday, but... on Friday, after a sardine sandwich and some wine at Cafe Presse, I went with my girlfriend Erin and my mom to see Industrial Revelation play at the Frye Museum for their album release party. This quartet is the coolest. Ahamafule Oluo (whom you can hear on the most recent episode of This American Life) on trumpet; Josh Rawlings on keys; D'Vonne Lewis on drums; Evan Flory-Barnes, my former teacher, on bass. I've known Evan since he was the age I am now, which is a trip. Anyway, seeing what this group is achieving was a true thrill. I left feeling all pumped up and inspired.

Then, on Sunday, we saw Wayne Shorter at Benaroya Hall for the opening of the Earshot Jazz Festival. He was playing with Danilo Perez, John Patatucci, and Brian Blade. As a quartet they were brilliant, but Brian Blade was the highlight of the show. I've never seen anyone experience and emit as much joy on stage. His relationship with Patatucci—they were nearly always making eye contact, and perfectly locked in—was something to behold. And how refreshing to be a part of such a well-informed audience! Four standing ovations on the night: one as they walked on stage, one after the set, another after the first encore, still another after the second. 

It feels so good to be back in this city. It feels so good to be in a place that is so alive with art, music, political awareness, progressive energy... Don't get me wrong, the city has plenty to work on. But there is such life here! 

Please, check out Industrial Revelation.

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