Jonas Myers is a wandering musician and writer from Seattle, WA. He is at work on a novel, and loves collaborating to make meaningful musical experiences. He'd like to know how he can be of help. Follow his travels here and on Instagram: @jojonomad

Guess What?

As you'll notice if you scroll down far enough, in the beginning of October a composition of mine titled "Shifting Ground" was performed at Whitman College by an extremely talented quartet: Anna Burgess, Lila Stange, Jacqueline Rees Mikula, and Soobin Dokko. I provided a link for the livestream feed of the event. 

I just found out that the concert was archived! In other words, if you missed it, you didn't miss it! Click here for the video. My piece begins at 26:30.

While there is a passage where the lead voice is off by a beat, it still comes together quite well, if I may say so. Enjoy! 

Missing Home

Have Keyboard, Will Travel