Jonas Myers is a wandering musician and writer from Seattle, WA. He is at work on a novel, and loves collaborating to make meaningful musical experiences. He'd like to know how he can be of help. Follow his travels here and on Instagram: @jojonomad

Collaboration! Coupled With A Lack Thereof

Sunday night I had the opportunity to hang out and jam with the extraordinary David Fleming. We recorded our session in the hope that something sweet-sounding would come out of it. I think something did! Here's our soulful take on The White Stripes' hit, "Seven Nation Army": 

The track will speak this for itself, but I just gotta say: David can SING! I mean, dayumn. I'm way excited to see where our collaborations will take us. Keep your eyes and ears open. 


I'm still forging ahead with my solo stuff, cuz, ya know, a guy's gotta work. To that end, here's my latest jazz demo, the great standard "How High The Moon":

Enjoy, folks! As always, I'd love to hear from ya. 

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